Are You Serious?

I am a pastor in Seattle and I love surfing, climbing, hoops, football, and baseball. I also love spirited debates about theology and philosophy and always invite diverse opinions, since I believe that truth is honed in the crucible of ideas and free dialogue. Unfortunately there are too many topics where Americans don’t appear to have either the intellect or the patience to have a free dialogue without resorting to name calling and adhominem argument. So tell me what you think, I can take it really! And by the way, if you degrade to excessive vulgarity and the afore mentioned denigration, please don’t waste your vitriol here, because I will hit the delete button.


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  1. eric on

    My wife and I have been coming to Harambee since (I think) November. I found the website, downloaded and listened to a few sermons and liked your message. By the way, really cool site, lots of good content.

    I think what I like most about your messages and the church in general is that there is diversity. Most of what I have experienced in the church over the years is hollow, shallow and plastic. Your take on things is fresh, but when you throw it against the wall it is still biblical.

    I liked todays message though I can’t say I like “getting in the boat” most of the time. But then again who does?

  2. sermonrant on

    Thanks Eric!

  3. Nadia Moore on

    So I have a question on the idea of spiritual warfare, especially in as you mentioned it today.
    Do you think and know any scripture where it talks about how much of it is present in a large scale “war in the world” vs. it being a personal part of a Christians every day walk. Is personal temptation a result of living in the world, or is it a tool of spiritual warfare or is it both? I never used to equate it much on a personal everyday level, but I’m wondering now if that isnt’ a short-sighted and rather niave view of it’s presence in our life, especially as Christians. Is it a reasonable expectation to think of spritual warfare as an everyday expectation, it’s magnitude in our life navigated by every individual’s personal walk and situation? Another Bible study I’ve been taking has also been broaching the subject and I’m interested in your thoughts on it. ~ Thank You!

  4. newcityofgospel on

    Hey Michael,

    I found your link in my dashboard this morning. Very good blog you have going here. May I add your blog to my blogroll, under “Classical Christianity”? (I understand that you want to get the Word preached fresh to contemporary culture; by “classical” I simply mean that I would be saying your voice matches with other voices of old.) Hope this finds you well.

  5. Faro on

    Hi! Love your idea as I have often tried this and amazed how many people quickly resort to name calling instead of staying focused on the topic.
    I’m stuck right now Jn 14:13, And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.
    I often see faithful Christians praying fervently for something or someone in Jesus name and it is not answered. I don’t have a good explanation for that. Especially when a baby or young person dies.
    Thanks for your commitment.

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